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L’Arbre féerique - The Fairy Tree

The tree with porcelain petals

Four handed creations

The strong friendship beetween Barbara Billoud, ceramist and Geneviève Mathieu, vegetal sculptur gave birth to a common project « L’arbre féerique - The Fairy tree ».

Together they reflected on the ways to give life and character back to dried trees, working exceptional trunks on which Geneviève lays delicate, translucide porcelain petals, each unique and handcrafted by Barbara.  

The union of their reflections and creativity, along with a touch of madness, will nurture feed and grow « The Fairy Tree » built of porcelain leaves supported by a natural wood trunk. Barbara creates for each Lilliputian, bonsai & co.) an unique ceramic Raku bowl ancestal japenese firing technique. They reflect the perfect alliance of wood, mineral, air and fire.