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L’Arbre féerique - The Fairy Tree

The tree with porcelain petals


Geneviève Mathieu
122 rue de Balzac
95170 Deuil la Barre, France

Tel : +33/6 63 93 66 40

After horticulture studies in Normandy, Genevieve took advantage of her coming to Paris in 1984 to meet her deep artistic aspirations. 18 months in the French Floral decoration school have enabled her to master the techniques of floral creation, whether European or Asian inspiration.

In 1998, she created  DECORS NATURE a company specialized in vegetal home decor and outdoor design.
In 2007, she met Arthur MERINO who introduced her to an extraordinary leaf: the Pambil leaf of which Geneviève makes ​​sculptures. These sculptures gave her opportunity to meet other artists, build relationships and share desires. Then, a beautiful friendship grows with Barbara Billoud ceramist. Together, they decide to imagine how to revive and give back nobility to old trees, working outstanding trunks on which Geneviève sets porcelain petals created by Barbara. The union of their ideas and their creativity buttressed a touch of madness, real breeding grounds on which will germinate and thrive The Fairy Tree. Natural trunks and porcelain petals, they reflect the complete success of the union of plant, mineral, air and fire.

In November 2013, Genevieve MATHIEU founded the PAYSAGES EN SCENE company with Bruno OIZAN-CHAPON, who loves landscaping gardens and terraces he designs and manufactures both in France and abroad, in both urban and rural areas, since 30 years.

Thus, Genevieve MATHIEU, in an eternal whirlwind of creative energy, intoxicating desires and curiosities never satiated and continued, tirelessly, her quest for new and wonderful encounters to satisfy his unquenchable thirst for knowledge ad beauty.